The Tool and Tips to Truly Get Started with No-Code Development

Author: Chris Obdam, CEO of Betty Blocks


Throughout the legal industry, firms and in-house departments are leveraging legal tech to optimize processes and workflows, save non-billable hours, and improve client services. However, there are various barriers to traditional methods of building legal tech which hinder innovation.

Innovation, then, is easier said than done. Meanwhile, it is a challenge to keep IT projects within deadlines and allocated budget, removing risks of failures, and successfully implementing end products. To eliminate these challenges, the legal industry is increasingly adopting low-code / no-code (LCNC) development. By empowering business users without coding capabilities to participate in application development, those at the forefront of the industry are given the tools to build solutions.

However, the challenges of scoping projects, properly allocating budget and timelines, and encouraging end-user adoption still stand for no-code development. Here’s how firms can truly get started with building limitless legal tech solutions.


The problem with traditional development techniques

Law firms and in-house legal departments want a tech stack that optimizes their internal processes and improves their client support. However, the flaws within various traditional development methods hinder the route to these solutions.

In-house development by IT is a slow process, with business projects regularly being put on constantly growing backlogs. Meanwhile, these projects lack agility and cross-departmental collaboration. By excluding end-users from the process, solutions have high risks of not solving exact problems. Meanwhile, projects often go over time and budget.

Outsourcing development is a time and budget- costly process where solutions are built by developers who are not knowledgeable about exact business needs. Additionally, all future maintenance work or adjustments in functionality have to be outsourced too.

Purchasing off-the-shelf products means buying one-size-fits-all solutions which aren’t built to fit the exact needs of an organization. This means inevitable limitations and restrictions. Additionally, the solution does no grow together with your organization, so will eventually need to be replaced.

Given these flaws within traditional routes to reaching legal tech solutions, industry leaders have started seeking out other methods. Thus, legal teams are empowering their own people to build the legal tech solutions required by their organization, using LCNC platforms.


No-code development: a modern solution for a modern industry

Industry leaders are demonstrating the modern way of developing: custom building internal applications and independently developing customer-facing solutions

Low-code / no-code (LCNC) development empowers business users to collaboratively build solutions with IT. This enables those at the frontlines of the industry to develop the solutions to their own, and the industry’s problems.

No-code development is executed in iterative agile cycles where applications are consistently improved in small increments through frequent testing. Through this, solutions consistently meet the end-users’ requirements. Meanwhile, these applications can be maintained and adjusted by business users, alleviating pressure on IT departments. No-code development is thus a modern and future-proof solution, developing solutions which grow and adjust as your organization grows and adjusts.

 20+ years of experience in application development has led us to notice that organizations often search for guidance on how to get started with no-code, what to get started on, and how to make it work internally. Organizations face challenges such as the:

  • Identification of business needs, and assessment of what is most urgent
  • Identification of requirements and scoping of applications and identifying requirements
  • Accurate allocation of timeline and budget
  • Calculation and proving of ROI and the value of no-code development
  • Achievement of internal stakeholder buy-in
  • End-user onboarding process, and successful integration of application into workflows and processes
  • Maintenance of solutions

Betty Blocks has combined our 20+ years of application development experience with our industry knowledge to eliminate these risks and barriers. With our newest 4-Week Guarantee, firms can truly and immediately get results from no-code development.


The 4-Week Guarantee: Your first success milestone

With the 4-Week Guarantee, organizations are enabled to go from a use case to a fully customized application in just four weeks. With a fixed price, assured scope, and guaranteed timeline the 4-Week Guarantee eliminates the risks associated with and barriers to application development.

 With the 4-Week Guarantee, organizations go through a preparation phase of selecting a use case, identifying customization requirements, and establishing a go-live plan. Then, after a development phase of just four weeks, we provide you with an ROI-generating application.

The 4-Week Guarantee empowers your organization with:

  • An application where functionality meets all scoped requirements, and is tested and validated with end-users
  • A proven go-live plan ensuring end-user adoption, a smooth launch, and long-term maintenance
  • The tools and knowledge to identify business needs, and link these to digital solutions
  • Familiarization with the platform and acquaintance with agile development methodologies
  • Proven and tangible value and a clear ROI for no-code development projects, facilitating future scoping, planning, and scaling


The 4-Week Guarantee is the first success milestone on your application development journey.

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