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App will act as a portal for clients to access their accounts and HR information

MyFirmsApp, developers of the leading OneApp platform for accounting firms worldwide, today announced it has won an order from Impact Office Management to design an exciting new customised App for the fast-growing office management consultancy. The App will be the first of its kind to combine all the features, tools, content and data associated with the accounting and finance function and usually found in the OneApp platform with up-to the-minute HR information.


Engela van der Berg, founder of Impact Office Management, contacted MyFirmsApp after reading a number of customer success stories on social media and asked if it was possible to do something a little different with a potential App so it would combine access to HR data with all the traditional accounting and tax tools usually found in the OneApp platform. The answer was an emphatic ‘yes’ and the MyFirmsApp team is currently working on developing the customised App, which is expected to go live shortly.


Engela explains: “Our aim is to provide clients with management of the three W’s – ‘workers, workflow and workplace’ and make it easier for them to run their businesses. We want our App to work differently and to be more of a portal, so our clients can use it to access all the business information they need on a day-to-day basis from their smartphones and tablets.”


The App is also set to help solve the communication challenges faced by the events side of the business. “A core part of our business is running high profile events with inspirational business speakers and one of our greatest challenges is reaching those who we know will be interested. The App will allow us to include promotional leaflets and newsletters on it and we can also use it to invite people to the events. Being able to see who has read our messages will deliver a real advantage and save time following-up,” Engela says.


Impact is a member of ICPA, a professional body that represents the interests of practising accountants, and its membership entitles the company to an exclusive discount on any App developed by MyFirmsApp.


Daniel Richards, Head of Strategic Partnerships, MyFirmsApp comments: “We are delighted to be working with the Impact Office Management team on an App that will be used very differently to others we have previously customised. It combines two intrinsic areas of running a successful business: accounting and HR and will provide an important gateway to all related tools and information, with a single click.”


“Impact is demonstrating its forward thinking and client-focused approach by bringing all the Apps and online systems together in one place. We look forward to working closely with Engela and her team in coming months to make the App a successful and integral part of the business.”




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