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  • How would you describe the investing philosophy at your firm?
    • Stifel is committed to developing objective insights through comprehensive analysis by assessing the entire global landscape.  We make it our priority to communicate to our clients and keep them well informed of our outlooks and emerging macro/micro economic events.  Stifel, combined with its KBW affiliate, is home of the largest US Equity Research platform, has an extensive breadth of US Small and Mid Cap research and KBW is the #1 US provider of Financial services coverage.  We take pride in our ability to analyze and capitalize on solid fundamental research.


  • What sort of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?
    • Compressed fees
    • Technology reshaping the industry and adding superior efficiency to companies and markets globally


  • What key skills do you need to carve out a successful investment career?

    Chuck Robers

    • Adapting to the continuously changing market themes in the domestic and global economies is paramount.
    • Mitigating portfolio risk by seeking solid & stable long term returns


  • What’s changed in the industry since you started your career?
    • Quantitative – rule based – algorithmic trading has changed how data is analyzed and how quickly markets adjust to newly released information.  Over the last decade, the breadth of financial products has sky rocketed.  Some of the new product offerings allow our team to access the capital markets in a cost friendly manner with liquidity and also allow us to tailor an investment to address market themes, asset class exposure, and or risk/return objectives.



  • How would you describe the difference between simple and complex trusts?
    • Complex trusts generally have a unique way of distributing income among beneficiaries/organizations, and can distribute its corpus.


  • Why do you use hedge funds?
    • Our team utilizes hedge funds to attain exposure to returns independent of traditional asset classes, achieved through numerous esoteric strategies. Stifel has a robust platform that encompasses funds with a high conviction, client aligned terms and structures, reduced minimums and generally exclusive offerings at Stifel not seen at other financial shops.  We like to use early life cycle managers that are not yet impeded by a large asset base.


  • How do you serve the needs of clients with complex tax situations?
    • Our team customizes client portfolio models based upon risk tolerance, time horizon, investment constraints, tax consideration, investment policies and performance requirements.  We are a 12 member wealth management team within Stifel that caters to a diverse clientele of ultra-affluent individuals, families, business owners, pension plans, foundation, endowments, non-profit organizations and corporations.  Our team focuses on providing clients with an exceptional wealth management experience through comprehensive strategic planning, an unwavering commitment to objectivity, dedication to simplicity and a high level of personal service.  We utilize an in house tax and estate professional to provide guidance and superior knowledge on managing complex tax situations.



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