Why Finance Businesses Need To Be Focusing On Video Marketing In 2023

Creating effective marketing campaigns when you specialise in financial services can sometimes seem like a tall order.

This may partly be due to the negative associations that customers may have of finance businesses, viewing them as a source of potential stress or bureaucracy. It may also be due to the difficulty that finance businesses may have in building trust and engaging customers when it comes to the provision of such essential services – especially in difficult economic times.

Fortunately, there is a way to revitalise your marketing campaigns and help to bridge the gap between you and your customers in 2023 – and it involves video marketing.

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

These days, video marketing is arguably the most efficient means of connecting businesses with their target audience and forging a meaningful long-term connection.

Part of the reason for the effectiveness of video is that human beings are intensely visual creatures. This makes it easier for a video to have an impact than a piece of text or an audio clip.

In addition, video ads have a proven track record of converting potential customers into actual consumers – in other words, their conversion rate is high. This is because watching a video is usually more engaging, and allows customers to gain a more accurate first-hand impression of the company, which can help them develop trust.

How Can Finance Businesses Incorporate Video Marketing Into Their Ad Campaigns?

Now that you understand the effectiveness of video marketing, and how crucial it will be to businesses across various sectors in 2023, it’s time to highlight the various ways in which you can use it to your advantage.

Seek Professional Expertise

Arguably the best way is to involve media services professionals in your new video marketing campaigns.

Experts such as Red Bee Media have years of experience to draw upon, allowing them to deliver high-quality playout of professionally prepared live and pre-recorded content. This means you can create a range of compelling content – including live-streaming special company events – that will help you engage and connect with your customers.

Enhance Your Socials With Gripping Video Content

These days, every business needs at least one social media account, even finance specialists. However, it’s not enough merely to have an account and post occasional announcements or images; if you really want to harness the marketing power of social media, then you should consider including video ads on a regular basis.

These videos could take various forms. They could be promotional (presenting your company in a more approachable and positive light); they could consist of compelling interviews with high-profile figures in your company; or they could include tutorials on how to save money or apply for loans.

By including the relevant tags and providing a call to action at the end of your videos, you will improve your chances of more lead generations – and, therefore, more business.

Create Testimonial Videos To Boost Your Reputation

Finally, another potentially rewarding video marketing method your finance business can employ is the creation of testimonial videos from satisfied customers.

These videos can be highly effective at helping you gain more business. This is because many consumers rely on positive word of mouth to give them confidence in a company. In addition, a video testimonial comes across as more authentic than a written review, particularly if the person being filmed is looking directly into the camera. This authenticity can help you connect with potential customers and possibly gain new business as a result.

Summing Up

Crafting attention-grabbing video marketing campaigns may seem like an intimidating task at first, particularly if you have minimal experience of this form of marketing.

However, once you have perfected your techniques, and the positive results begin to appear, you will quickly see the value of investing in this particular form of advertising in 2023.

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