USAVE joins forces with BluPoint to empower African mining communities with education through technology

USAVE will support BluPoint’s solution with 1% of the funds raised during its upcoming token sale

USAVE Blockchain (USAVE) today announces it will be supporting offline internet solution provider, BluPoint as part of its upcoming token sale, to increase access to education and information across African mining communities.

USAVE provides a disruptive alternative ecosystem for today’s gold production and distribution standards. It enables an ethically sourced gold supply chain process – from the miner, with connected hardware recording production, through to tracking and fair payments using Blockchain technology. In turn, this allows visibility and accessibility for a wider market to physically trace gold and enables human transformation for mining communities globally.

On 11 July, USAVE announced an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to power the development of the platform to raise a hard cap of $130M, with the pre-ICO sale set to go live on 17th September 2018.

Built with the highest ethical standards in mind, USAVE aims to maximise the living conditions of the miners in its ecosystem, whilst improving their access to education and the Internet. As part of its charity programme, USAVE will allocate 1% of the funds raised during its upcoming token sale to BluPoint, to build a turnkey solution for content provision and consumption across the mining communities within two Sub-Saharan countries in its ecosystem.

The BluPoint solution enables fast reliable community access to specific digital information on all devices including computers, smartphones and TVs, low-end mobiles phones and even FM Radios at no data cost. In the context of education, this access to information can provide a safe and focused platform for teaching and learning resources, that meets the needs of all learners. The platform also includes assessment tools which enable teachers and pupils to evaluate their academic progression.

USAVE will support the implementation of BluPoint’s technology across these regions and will improve the access to digital information whilst implementing a detailed plan for content curation, deployment, training, support and maintenance.

This will firstly be initiated by a scoping phase, whereby a sample community in each country will be visited to define a template for deploying within the country for communities of varying sizes. A number of factors will be tested, including the local infrastructure (connectivity, electricity, logistic support), cultural sensitivities and language and content with the highest social contribution. It will also consider the devices being used, literacy rates, locations for deploying BluHubs, range testing for design of implementation maps and the identification of local partners for training/marketing.

Selim Fendi, Co-Founder and CEO of USAVE commented: “We are delighted to fully support BluPoint’s innovative solution as part of our charity programme. At USAVE, our goal is to not only improve the living conditions of the miners operating across our ecosystem, but to also increase our environmental involvement and reduce our own footprint. This partnership will also use to provide access to technology and Internet in developing mining regions, which will enable equitable and unprecedented access to quality education for these communities.”

Peter Dingley, CEO of BluPoint commented: “We are thrilled to be working with USAVE to provide increased information and education to the mining communities within its ecosystem. Our technology is designed to empower those living in remote locations or areas with limited infrastructure with the tools to access valuable, life-changing content. With the support of USAVE, we are able to play a role in improving the lives of hard-working miners and their families and use our solution for the greater good of these communities. ”

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