Softpay now accepts Discover and Diners Club International® Cards

Softpay, a leading tap-to-phone technology provider, is happy to announce an alliance withDiscover® Global Network, pioneering forces in the payment card industry to accept Discover and Diners Club Cards.

In collaboration with Nets/Nexi, the latest version of the Softpay App now supports Discover and Diners Club Cards for Nets/Nexi customers. This extension not only broadens the payment network’s reach but also ensures an improved user experience and a wider array of choices for cardholders.

Discover Global Network, known for its rapid expansion, is the fastest-growing global payments network1, with acceptance across 70M merchant acceptance points and millions of micro-merchants2.

“We’re excited to announce our alliance, aiming to offer seamless and secure payment options for our customers. This update is particularly beneficial for international travelers in Europe, allowing easy use of their preferred Discover or Diners Club cards,” said Ivan Sandqvist, CEO of Softpay.

“Our collaboration with Softpay will bring additional growth to the payments ecosystem by offering access, flexibility and the latest payments technology to customers in Europe,” said Mike Matan, Vice President, International Client Services, Payment Services at Discover. “Discover Global Network is commitment to expanding global acceptance for customers around the world.”


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