Small business cash flow forecasting app, Slide, has today announced its rebrand to SlideBy.

SlideBy exists because most small business failures happen when they run out of cash. As the first dedicated and user-friendly app designed specifically to help small businesses easily model cash flow, SlideBy is helping UK businesses avoid the pitfalls associated with cash management.

Hand-in-hand with its rebrand, SlideBy has introduced product enhancement that allows users to automatically populate their cash forecast with data from regular transactions, using Open Banking connections to four major UK banks. This is giving small businesses access to advanced but accessible technology that helps improve business stability.

Paul Ormrod, creator of SlideBy says; “As SlideBy we will continue to empower small businesses to predict and control their financial future. Business owners have traditionally struggled to forecast what their cash position will look like – which means they are basing financial decisions on guesswork.”

Ormrod continues: “Our SlideBy designs are channelling everyday iPhone actions to simplify day to day cash management and place a business’ growth and forecasting in the hands of its owners. The name SlideBy better reflects the way users interact with the app, which is easy to use and designed to minimise friction.”

SlideBy is unique in the functionality it delivers and is the only Open Banking application that is focused on supporting small businesses. It has been downloaded over 1,400 times since launching on Apple’s App Store six months ago.



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