Consumer demand for digital banking platforms is on the rise in Ireland and is above the European average.[1] Irish banks are embarking on modernisation strategies to respond to this trend, finds Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in driving connected commerce. The company is helping Irish banks maximise the value of their branch networks through the implementation of new retail banking technologies to keep their branch offerings in tune with demand.

The market has seen the introduction of Diebold Nixdorf’s latest software solutions, VynamicTM Connection Pointsand VynamicTM Security, which are providing a significantly enhanced consumer experience to Irish banking customers. The integration of end-to-end security suites are also ensuring that systems remain secure and compliant with both current and future industry regulations.

In addition new cash recycling technology, equipped with touchscreens, is set to simplify in-branch processes and provide flexible, user-friendly services.

Permanent TSB is one bank making the most of these innovations. The bank is updating its self-service network including the Diebold Nixdorf CS 4090 cash recycling automated teller machines (ATMs), driven by VynamicTMsoftware. Consumers will be able to touch, tap and swipe screens to complete transactions – offering an enhanced user experience.

As Brendan Kerin, head Of retail operations at Permanent TSB explained, “We are committed to offering reliable, connected banking experiences whether customers are online, using the app or stepping into one of our 77 branches across Ireland. Through the introduction of this new technology we’re offering our customers the latest, most secure banking services possible, aligning different channels into a more unified customer journey now and in the future.”

“With industry regulations and consumer requirements becoming increasingly complex, Diebold Nixdorf is uniquely positioned to serve as a partner to financial institutions to drive connected commerce and the future of consumer transactions,” said Matt Phillips, Diebold Nixdorf vice president and head of banking, UK and Ireland. “Our industry-leading software and technology enables financial institutions, like Permanent TSB, to meet current business objectives while also future-proofing technological investments; bringing the digital to the physical.”

Permanent TSB and Diebold Nixdorf join the speaker agenda at this year’s RBR Branch Transformation Conference in London from November 27-28. The annual event brings together over 550 industry attendees from over 50 countries to discuss how retail banks can embrace today’s networked economy and deliver effective branch and digital transformation strategies to meet consumer demands.



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