Finance derivate Q&A with Ibrahim

Q: What does it mean for CMTrading to be awarded “Best Performing Broker South Africa 2022”?

“We’re incredibly grateful and proud of all our awards. Each one validates our efforts to deliver a world-class trading platform and pushes us to ever-greater service delivery.

“For me, the best measure of our success is hearing direct customer feedback and that we continue to lead through great reviews.”

Q: What sets CMTrading apart from rivals?

“We are a licensed, regulated, award-winning broker trusted by 1,000,000 subscribers. We believe in transparency, fair treatment and education, and this is where we’ve carved our niche.

“Trust is our primary currency, and we can only gain our customers’ trust through consistent service and transparency.

“Whether you’re new to trading or a high-tier fund manager, CMTrading is your one-stop shop for all your trading needs. We achieve this by delivering effortless financial solutions through various trading instruments such as stocks, indices, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies.”


Q: Tell us about CMTrading’s African expansion

“We believe in emerging countries and have made great strides in Africa. We understand the difficulties that people from this continent experience.

“Emerging countries strive for better service, education, and new opportunities, including investment, and this is where we have built a compelling reputation.

“We have offices in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa where we host seminars. They’ve been hugely successful in these regions, allowing us to engage with our clients physically.”

Q: Your business focuses on trading education; why is that?

“Part of our business philosophy is to make trading accessible to everyone and help people from all walks of life understand that they can become traders when they have the right broker on the journey. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive broker.

“One of our most important attributes is providing our clients with education delivered by experienced brokers. As they become better traders, their journey will be more profitable. This is a win-win scenario.

“Every customer matters equally, no matter their investment size. Service and transparency are our most important attributes for us. Any customer can openly contact us, consult with one of our experts, join one of our webinar sessions, view training videos on demand, and more.”

Q: What trading trends can you share for 2022 and beyond?

“So, 2022 will be remembered as the year that was almost a blood bath in terms of a vast historic sell-off in the markets. We saw this in the tech sector, with major companies reporting record profits in 2021 and experiencing a colossal share sell-off. The cryptocurrency market also experienced a massive crash early in 2022, which persisted throughout the year. The oil and energy sector has been highly volatile in 2022, with record-high prices.

“So, it’s been quite a ride when we look back at the markets. Some signs point towards slowing interest rate hikes, but recessionary and inflationary pressures are still there. We’re not out of the woods yet.

“It doesn’t mean that the markets will come back roaring to all-time highs, but we could be looking to a return to normalcy in 2023. It does mean that there will be a bumpy ride again as countries are doing their best to avoid a deep recession. This is something to consider going into 2023.”

Q: Are there any developments we can look forward to?

“We’re increasing the number of events and seminars we host globally. These events are important to us, presenting an incredible opportunity to physically engage with customers, listen to them, and understand their desires. In 2022, we hosted successful events in Nigeria and South Africa.

“We hope to host even more events in major cities focusing on education. I’m sure clients will find them highly informative and helpful in their decision-making.”


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