Corvil Introduces AI-Powered “Intelligence Hub” to Help Electronic Trading Firms Achieve Optimal Execution Quality and Operations

The solution delivers powerful big data analytics insights to business and operational users without the traditional lengthy timelines and costs.

Corvil announces Intelligence Hub, the next generation of digital intelligence to improve the performance, agility and digital experience of today’s Electronic Trading businesses.  This new solution has the potential to dramatically change how they see, manage, and improve quality of execution, client experience, and operations.

Electronic trading businesses require intelligence that correlates and understands changes in the critical dimensions of trading outcomes, financial performance, client experience, and underlying technology performance and security.  Intelligence Hub provides proactive alerting on changes in these dimensions and allows business and operations teams to flexibly visualize, explore and analyze this key information for more informed action.

Intelligence Hub has enabled us to quickly see the business how we need to, understanding important activity about customers, how they are experiencing our service, and why,” said a Managing Director at a Global Bank.  From improving customer engagement and outcomes to increasing operational efficiency and providing better intelligence for business decisions, this new level of insight has become imperative to running our business.

Applying machine learning and big data analytics to Corvil’s unique capture of high fidelity business data from the network, Intelligence Hub accurately identifies anomalies, triages areas of greatest concern, and has capabilities to predict conditions for improved planning.

In today’s competitive trading environment, firms require greater understanding of their execution and how clients are experiencing their service.  Corvil is committed to empowering firms with the best insight and intelligence, to optimize their trading business, said Donal Byrne, Corvil CEO.Intelligence Hub marks a major development in extending Corvil’s unrivalled capabilities in deriving intelligence and analytics from network data to wider teams to ultimately help trading firms to consistently move fast and stay secure.”

Corvil Analytics engines provide a rich, precision-sequenced, and normalized source of data from network communications, creating an ideal dataset for AI application.  Rapidly deployable, Intelligence Hub ingests this real-time streaming data, as well as certain external data sources and, correlating performance anomalies, highlights areas for action.  To enable efficient investigation and analysis workflows, Intelligence Hub maintains a full record and traceable links to source data, which is also stored for forensics and compliance purposes.

Intelligence Hub also provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-use, visualizations, allowing multiple teams (individual desks, IT operations, network, security, risk and compliance, etc.) to see, explore, and perform multidimensional analyses of the information of greatest relevance and share findings in a consumable manner.

In contrast to many bespoke big data analytics efforts, Intelligence Hub provides a ready, extensible, self-service solution, providing client intelligence, execution quality analysis and insight into securities, counterparties, venues and trade plant performance, all correlated, all driven from a consistent, accurate data source.

We have designed Intelligence Hub with accessibility and extensibility in mind, to offer an intuitive user experience for multiple roles and to enable them to apply machine learning-driven anomaly detection to the data elements they each deem most important,said Donal O’Sullivan, Corvil VP Product Management.  “Intelligence Hub provides a unique business and operational intelligence solution that can address some of the most pressing performance, transaction and compliance questions.

What Analysts are saying:

The FX markets have reached a high water mark in penetration, with nearly 80% of market participants trading in an electronic environment.  For firms to excel over the competition going forward, they will have to optimize their access to data and the analytics needed to put that data to work.  Products such as Corvil’s Intelligence Hub offer the potential of providing performance data across a spectrum of e-trading metrics.”

Dan Connell, Managing Director, Greenwich Associates

As trading becomes increasingly electronic it becomes possible and increasingly imperative to measure and analyze virtually every electronic interaction. As this process matures it becomes imperative to measure and analyze trading data in increasingly finer grain increments and at increasingly greater analytical depth for better execution quality and counterparty management.

Larry Tabb founder and Research Chairman of TABB Group

Given the massive trade and order messaging rates that keep growing both in volume, speed and across asset classes, capital market players need to better understand the state of their orders/fills/data with nanosecond precision. The cost of downtime, venue or counterparty issues, and the associated risks are so great, trading and operations need to understand, analyse, and predict these immediately. These data sets are fertile ground to leverage machine learning to the utmost in the capital markets.”

Brad Bailey, Research Director, Capital Markets, Celent

Corvil’s Intelligence Hub combines dynamic and reliable rich data with machine learning and persona-driven awareness.  As such, the Intelligence Hub can serve as a bridge to enable superior IT-to-business alignment, with unique insights into business ecosystem interdependencies as well as application and infrastructure behaviors. In parallel, it can help to bridge operations and security requirements to support superior levels of efficiency on both sides of the Sec/NetOps handshake, and in this way unify IT more effectively as a whole.

Dennis Drogseth, Enterprise Management Associates, Vice President

Corvil Intelligence Hub is a software solution, deployable on customer hardware or in the cloud and can be easily scaled out to support the needs of organizations of all sizes.   It is currently in use by early adopter customers and will be generally available later this summer.

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