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This article is for all those who are counting their IRAs, 401 (k), self-directed 401k and other retirement planning options to enjoy that late-life freedom as early as 45 or 40. Financial freedom at 55 has become a thing of the past because today it all depends on your ability to take the right decisions. If your 9 to 5 life has left you drained and you are serious about an early retirement, here are 8 ways to coach you from scratch:

  1. Free yourself from the vicious circle of debt

The first step to securing an early retirement is getting yourself free from debt. If you do not wish to enter your early retirement with any financial lags or large payments that can eat away a massive chunk of your modest savings, you need to increase your cash flow by clearing all your debts. Paying off your mortgage or lease early will help you divert the funds into a Roth IRA or other retirement savings.


  1. Start living a frugal life
Rick Pendykoski

Saving is the only way to increase the cash flow as your career progresses and this can be done by controlling your expenses. It does not mean giving up on all your desires but only requires you to live a frugal lifestyle. A few compromises and you can save a significant amount which will eventually bring you closer to your early retirement dream. From giving up on your expensive memberships and cutting down your HVAC usage to making a few compromises in your lifestyle and sacrificing a few golf games, your day-to-day frugal acts will free you from your cubicle and give you the freedom to retire early.


  1. Be open to the idea of changing

Prioritize between your wants and your needs. This will help you break free from the shackles of your tiring nine to five schedule. Enjoying life to the fullest sounds like a great idea to most of us, but it also means that you are losing on the real joy of retiring at 40 for momentary happiness. If fancy dinners and long drives in luxury cars mean more to you, an early retirement is obviously out of your reach. Mindful spending needs major lifestyle changes for which you may need to give up on stylish clothing, lavish parties, exotic vacations and more. This is only possible if you change your perception of conventional societal programming which demands that you give up on your desires of bigger houses and new cars. It calls for a complete mind shift from spending to saving.


  1. Take a head start with a high-paying industry

It is possible to retire well before you turn 60 if you are working for an industry that pays really well right from the start. A good-paying job plays a critical role in paving your path to a financially independent future. You too can enjoy a retirement of rest and relaxation if you are willing to take up personal responsibility in professional life. Getting closer to your goal of early retirement requires you to be self-sufficient early on in life.


  1. Automate 50% of Your Annual Income to Retirement Savings

Allocate as high a percentage of your annual income as possible to pay up your previous debts, pending bills, leases, and loans. Once you are done with of all these, automate your income towards retirement savings. You can start with 30% and raise the bar every year as your income increases. Every time you get a raise, increase the amount you add to your retirement reserve.


  1. Be sure to invest in a 401 (k) plan

Many employers are offering 401 (k) plans where you can invest a certain amount of your income and your employer makes a matching contribution to bolster your retirement savings.


  1. Stick to a frugal lifestyle

You need to revamp your investment plan as your career keeps progressing. What you want to achieve – an early retirement is an extraordinary goal and so your efforts should be focused on living frugally. Always keep a rewarding retirement at the top of your mind and you will remain motivated to keep the passion alive and pursuit kicking.


  1. Invest in an IRA

An IRA is a preferred and popular choice for retirement savings. You can consult an experienced and reputed financial advisor to guide you in selecting right IRA. An IRA will allow you to enjoy tax benefits if you choose to retire early. It will get to where you want faster than you think.


Start investing right away and make your retirement the best phase of your life.


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