2023: Navigating the Trends in PR and Communications for Fintech Companies and Startups

By Alina Steklova, Founder and CEO COMMSX PR AGENCY


It’s 2023, and as the CEO of a global PR agency, I can safely say that public relations and communications have never been more crucial. The fintech landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by relentless innovation, consumer demands, and regulatory changes. Successfully navigating this space requires not just a keen understanding of financial technology, but also the ability to communicate effectively.

Here, I’d like to spotlight some of the key trends in PR and communications for fintech companies and startups in 2023.

  1. Transparency is King

The digital age has transformed the way we consume information. Stakeholders demand transparency in everything from data usage to financial transactions. For fintech firms, a transparent communication strategy can foster trust, drive customer engagement, and build a solid brand reputation. A PR strategy that highlights an organization’s commitment to transparency can set it apart in the competitive fintech landscape.

  1. The Rise of Social Listening

Social media platforms offer a wealth of consumer insights, but only if you’re listening. PR and communication professionals are turning to social listening tools to understand customer needs, respond to feedback, and manage brand reputation. By actively monitoring social conversations around their brand, fintech companies can enhance customer relationships, preempt crises, and identify opportunities for growth.

  1. PR and Regulatory Tech Working Hand in Hand

Fintech is no stranger to the regulatory spotlight. In 2023, fintech PR is all about effectively communicating the company’s compliance efforts and its ability to navigate regulatory landscapes. Successful fintech companies are those that leverage PR strategies to position themselves as responsible entities that prioritize customer protection.

  1. Content Personalization

With the inundation of digital content, personalization has become a key differentiator. Fintech companies are leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to deliver personalized content, driving deeper connections with their target audiences. PR and communication strategies need to factor in this personalized approach to effectively engage with various stakeholder groups.

  1. The Era of Crisis Communication

In the fast-paced fintech industry, things can go wrong quickly. Data breaches, service disruptions, regulatory issues – the list of potential crises is long. In 2023, a proactive approach to crisis communication is non-negotiable. PR professionals are investing in crisis management plans that include fast response times, clear messaging, and strong follow-up strategies.

  1. ESG Communications

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have moved from the periphery to the center of business strategies, including in the fintech world. Stakeholders expect companies to play a part in tackling societal challenges. PR and communications in 2023 are increasingly geared towards highlighting a company’s ESG commitments, helping to enhance corporate reputation and secure investor confidence.

  1. Thought Leadership

As fintech continues to disrupt traditional finance, thought leadership has become a powerful tool. PR strategies in 2023 are emphasizing thought leadership to position fintech companies as industry pioneers, driving brand awareness and credibility. By sharing insights, innovations, and industry predictions, fintech firms can establish a strong brand image and foster trust among their stakeholders.

  1. Employee Communication

Last but not least, internal communication is making a strong comeback. In an industry driven by innovation, a motivated and engaged workforce is crucial. Fintech firms are leveraging PR to create a compelling employer brand and foster a culture of transparency and inclusivity.

To thrive in the dynamic world of fintech in 2023, companies must navigate these trends effectively. The intersection of fintech and PR is complex but understanding this can help fintech companies and startups build strong relationships with their stakeholders, manage crises effectively, and ultimately, drive success.

As PR professionals, it’s our role to stay ahead of these trends and use them to our advantage. PR and communications have become essential tools for any fintech firm looking to build a strong brand, maintain stakeholder trust, and navigate the turbulent waters of the fintech industry.


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