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Greetings and A very warm Welcome to all , It is officially been 4 Years of Finance Derivative. We thank you all the Outstanding and young supporters who keep us inspired to bring this edition to you each time. With this issue we bring a lot of exciting topics covering the Sustainable Banking, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Invoicing and Fin-tech. Placing a great example of Sustainable Banking ,2022 ,Here we come with Mr Herbert Wigwe discussing the Visions and Missions of Access Bank Nigeria. It is exciting to talk about the future, about what is new, but sometimes a mature product can surprise and delight. When it comes to sustainability and environmental impact, one might assume that a digital payment has a significantly lower environmental impact than cash, but a new paper, ‘Cash: a road-map to sustainability,’ challenges that perception. Read more to have an insight. Speaking about Cryptocurrencies, This is without doubt, a new asset class and one that will increasingly gain acceptance and the participation of institutional investors as time goes on. We would expect investors will consider a range of valuation methodologies to estimate future value. This is, however, not risk free. The pandemic has been a catalytic moment for businesses when it comes to digital transformation, especially for financial services. Volatility has been one of the defining features of the finance sector over the last 18 months. To navigate the challenges of such a rapidly changing consumer landscape, companies have had to utilize the right digital solutions to remain competitive. When financial services look to accelerate their digital transformation plans in a post- COVID world, they must quickly recognize the importance of hyper-automation and the benefits it provides , refer inside for more. Initiated by the pandemic, numerous organisations throughout nearly all sectors have rapidly migrated to cloud native technologies and facing new cyber-security risks to mitigate. The cloud native movement is an area which is always rapidly changing and can be daunting for organisations and authoritative parties that are struggling to keep up. As we enter 2022, Let us not forget that the past year has been challenging for many. There is no doubt that the pandemic has cast a shadow over much of the year, but the resilience and innovation of so many fantastic entrepreneurs has shine through. Its is been an absolute privilege & pleasure to work with so many great people this year. I Hope you will enjoy reading this issue of Finance Derivative. Wishing you all success, health and happiness for upcoming year 2022. Enjoy the Read !