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By Adam Clarke, marketing and partnership manager at Expend


We’ve hit yet another exciting landmark moment at Expend towers, as we recently became the first company in our sector to pass the QuickBooks partner app review process. Now, even more businesses using the accounting software package can provide their employees with smart business prepaid cards as a viable alternative to passing the company credit card around the office.

Employees can feel empowered to manage all their spending and other expenses whilst CFOs, small business owners and accountants gain the power of unparalleled controls and real-time insights. All without any annoying button presses to sync, or CSVs to download and upload.

Expend takes this further by supporting all other types of expenses, including out-of-pocket and mileage claims, thus reducing the cost of using multiple tools to manage different parts of the spending and expense management process. Combining all of these tools into one streamlined process dramatically reduces the admin involved.

QuickBooks’ checks and requirements are amongst the highest in the industry, so the approval process took a long time to complete. But the process has helped to improve the quality and level of automation Expend offers ALL our users — not just our QuickBooks online users who have had the pleasure of our integration for about a year.

Going through this process has also helped us to improve other parts of our product — the benefits of which are not restricted to QuickBooks’ online users. All our users are benefiting from increased security and usability to manage their bills and expenses faster than ever.

Expend’s CEO and Founder, Johnny Vowles, is delighted with the achievement of becoming the very first company in our space to feature in the QuickBooks app marketplace. He said: “We’re incredibly proud of the successes of our team and also to see the response of people using our QuickBooks integration to make their expenses effortless. We’re excited to see even more QuickBooks users take advantage of our revolutionary company spending and expense management platform.

The accomplishment is a testament to our development team, which has spent hundreds of hours making sure we create a QuickBooks integration that meets the company’s exacting standards.

It is also incredibly important for the trust of our users. Not only our current ones who have been using us over the past year but also QuickBooks users who are finding us through the app marketplace.


Why choose Expend over other expense management apps in the QuickBooks marketplace?

If you’re a QuickBooks admin or accountant and you’ve been enviously looking over the Xero-shaped fence at all its prepaid business card partners, then you need not look any further than Expend. Whenever one of our cards is used, expenses will automatically be entered into our system, and the Expend app will prompt the user to add receipts and additional information in seconds.

However, as we’ve mentioned previously, we don’t just provide incredibly smart employee expense cards. We also manage all your expense and mileage claims, as well as billable expenses, so they all flow seamlessly into QuickBooks without having to press a button or go down the dreaded CSV route. Reducing both time spent on expenses admin and the cost involved in subscribing to multiple solutions!



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