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Unit4, a world leader in enterprise systems for services organisations, has been chosen by the Republic of Cyprus to help standardise and modernise its IT systems for finance, budgeting, HR, payroll provision and pensions administration. Unit4 and its partners, Grant Thornton Cyprus and GCC Computers Ltd, will deliver Unit4’s Business World platform as part of an IT transformation that is vital to the Government as a key enabler of change and financial reform and integral to its long-term transformation strategy.

Unit4 Business World will be used by the central government of the Republic of Cyprus, driving transparency, improved financial management and control, and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent local, EU and international public sector regulations, accounting policies and standards. It will be used by approximately 150 public authorities to serve over 8,000 core users in both the English and Greek language, together with some 70,000 self-service users.

‘’Unit4, Grant Thornton Cyprus and GCC Computers Ltd delivered a thorough response to our detailed requirements,’’ said Mrs Rea Georgiou, Accountant General of the Republic of Cyprus. ‘’Using Unit4’s modern ERP technology, coupled with business process re-engineering, we can automate and simplify our business and financial management processes, saving both time and money. We’ll find new efficiencies, so we can do more with less, and automate more administration, freeing time for managers and employees to focus more on valuable work. In addition, our public officials will benefit from improved visibility and access to data supporting faster and better decisions that will improve services to the Republic of Cyprus.’’

As well as rich functionality and user experience, Unit4 Business World offers the Republic of Cyprus a future proof solution that is easy to change, without the need for costly and disruptive re-programming. This ease of use, flexibility and agility is important as the Government plans for future growth, diversification and increasing regulatory pressures.

‘’The ability for the Republic of Cyprus to ‘own’ change through our fully configurable ERP platform will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership and empower them to manage change more effectively across all operational areas,’’ said Derren Nisbet, Regional President at Unit4. ”In addition, the shift towards self-service and Unit4’s unique self-driving ERP functionality will simplify their financial management and business processes and improve the user experience, maximising adoption of the new system among their diverse user groups.’’


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