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Within the finance industry, there are understandably a lot of niches. With fintech creating new jobs that have never existed before, and small accountancy firms trying to get local hires, it can all get a bit challenging trying to hire a new employee.


We have decided to speak to recruitment experts and small businesses owners who wanted to share various tips and tricks to get skilled employees onto their team. Whatever the niche of your finance business, recruitment tips are often applicable across sectors.


Ben Rosen, CEO of Inspiring Interns & Graduates

 “We haven’t found it particularly difficult to encourage graduates to enter small and start-up businesses. There are many graduates out there who are looking for an alternative to a graduate scheme, which typically work with larger, more established companies.


“Many grads want to work in a smaller company which offer the opportunity to have a lot of responsibility, the chance to learn, the ability to progress in the role and to make a real difference to the company. These points should be emphasised on the job specification and you should mention your company culture, to give the candidate an idea of the environment they could be working in. You should also mention company perks, which show that you care about your employees’ wellbeing and happiness at work.”


Richard Miller, co-founder and MD of Star Platforms

“Recruitment is the biggest issue at hand for most SMEs, especially those businesses that require skilled people. A great tip is to look for niche directories and places to spread your job opening. For example, if you’re looking for skilled employees in a construction or manufacturing role, you can post your role on construction sites, forums, local business groups and industry directories. You can even get in touch with groups like ‘Women in construction’ which will then help you in your diversity efforts alongside boosting your recruitment efforts. You should also utilise gendered jobs boards, especially if you’re hiring within STEM industries where there is a distinct gender gap. This has the benefit of gaining further exposure to new audiences but also helps to position your business as one that wishes to tackle the ongoing STEM gender gap with your proactive activity.”


James Calder, chief executive at Distinct Recruitment

 “When you’re writing an advert, try to motivate someone to be drawn towards your job. If your competitor was recruiting the exact same job, think as to why would your role be a better fit for the candidate? This can come from you discussing the benefits of the role and business, with things like flexible hours, employee social life and growth opportunities. Even if your business is in an incredibly niche sector, these benefits are still applicable and should be highlighted so. If you’re struggling with writing the job advert, ask a question. This opens the conversation immediately between you and the candidate. Utilise the niche aspects of your business by highlighting this as an opportunity a candidate cannot get elsewhere. Whether that’s working in a certain sector or with award-winning experts, entice the reader with copy that’s descriptive, accurate and captivating.”


James Lloyd-Townshend, CEO of Nelson Frank

“SMEs are at huge advantage for niche hiring because they can compete for the same talent as larger companies, but have a better chance of winning that talent because they’re agile. Small is how we started out, and it definitely served us well when we were looking for niches to settle into.


“Over recent years and increasingly so, the job market has become consumerised. This means businesses need to look at candidates in the same way they look at customers i.e. attract them with branding and marketing, and make sure you treat them well. Agility means you can work on creating a targeted employer brand, offering innovative employment perks that are tailored to niche talent.


“When it comes to finding ideal candidates in your niche, you should get yourself to the places they hang out. Because you’re recruiting less people in fewer locations, you can leverage different networks and really spend the time on finding the right people. Try reaching out to the local press, hunting down social networks, and attending local meetups or specialist events – you could try specific software user groups if you’re in tech, for example.”



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