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Planning a holiday post-Brexit? Then you’ll want to know which countries are going to give you the most bang for your buck. With that in mind, Phillip Garlick, Head of Commercial at travel money specialist H&T, shares his top four holiday destinations predicted to be cheaper after Brexit.


The holiday industry is experiencing some upheaval due to Brexit and, with concerns about potential travel disruptions, many Brits are being put off booking their typical European getaway. According to Seasonal Businesses in Travel, prices for European holidays are set to increase by 31% as a result of Brexit.


Not just that, but the political and economic uncertainty over the last two years has seen the value of the pound swing up and down, and holidaying in the EU is no longer as attractive as it once was. The pound is currently down on the euro and the dollar compared to 2016, but it is up against a lot of other currencies around the world. In this article, I’m going to share with you my top four holiday destinations where your money will go further post-Brexit.


Mexico is a fascinating holiday destination. With a rich culture, incredible scenery, and amazing food, it’s the ideal place for a beach getaway. Cancún is the go-to place for tropical seas and fantastic sunshine, with plenty to do whether you’re going as a family, with a group of friends, or on a romantic retreat. You’ll find all sorts of great water activities from snorkelling and scuba diving to windsurfing and jet skiing.


If cities, architecture, and culture are more your thing, try visiting the old colonial city of Puebla, known for its cuisine, history, and beautiful surroundings. In the centre of the city you will find Zocalo de Puebla, a public park and square housing one of the most important museums in Mexico, Museo Amparo, which is known for having one of the finest collections of Mexican art in Latin America.


Why it’s good for your wallet: There have been big ups and downs in the Pound­–Peso exchange rate since the vote to leave the EU, but the overall trend has been quite steady. Mexico is still a very affordable country for British travellers though, as with many popular tourist countries, it’s away from the popular resorts where you’ll get the most out of your pounds.


Sat on the cusp of Europe, Turkey has long been a holiday favourite for Brits. Though numbers have declined in recent years, the Middle Eastern country is starting to see a resurgence, and for good reason. The country is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and there is so much history, art, and culture to soak in, you’ll never run out of things to do. Istanbul is a classic choice for first timers: it’s the largest city in Europe and is also half in Asia. Explore the Grand Bazaar — one of the largest markets in the world — and discover thousands of stalls with everything from authentic spices and lamps to jewellery and rugs.


Many consider Istanbul to be the capital of Turkey, and it is perhaps the most cosmopolitan of all the country’s cities, but it is actually Ankara that takes that title. Despite this, Ankara is rarely found in travel guides. But, for those who love to be steeped in history, it is a fantastic choice. From the Mausoleum of Atatürk to the Kocatepe Mosque and the city’s Old Quarter to its ancient citadel, you’ll be blown away by how much there is to see.


Why it’s good for your wallet: Turkey is one of the most affordable destinations to visit all year round, but even more so when the Lira is at historic lows. This, combined with the rising popularity of the country and the increased presence of holiday companies, means the cost of a Turkish getaway is more affordable than ever.


Another popular location that isn’t too far from the UK, Morocco, lies just 20 miles from Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar. The gateway to North African, Tangier is an ancient city: a coastal gem and bustling trade city with deep historical influences from Arabic, Berber and European cultures. You’ll find everything you need for a varied holiday, from the winding labyrinths that are the city’s Old Town to its beautiful sandy beaches with perfect turquoise waters.


Further inland, not far from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, you will find the vibrant cultural hub that is Marrakesh. The city is certainly unique, with an exotic charm that you will end up falling in love with. If you like lively cities, new experiences, and historical attractions, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a holiday reasonably close to home, with great weather and fantastic value for money, make Morocco your 2019 holiday destination.


Why it’s good for your wallet: Morocco is fast becoming one of the world’s premier tourist destinations with huge increases of US and Chinese visitors because of its relatively low cost of living. Due to its close proximity to Europe, you can get to Morocco relatively cheaply, although you’ll find big prices jumps in July and August.


India is a massive country — roughly half the size of Europe — with a huge diversity of cultures across the nation. For a long time, India has been a popular destination for Brits, not least because of how cheap everything is. You’ve no doubt had Indian food in the UK, but you probably don’t know just how much variety there is from region to region. If you’re a foodie, you won’t be disappointed.


The list of beautiful and idyllic locations is almost endless, from the sandy party beaches of Goa and the chilled-out waters of Karnataka to the exotic beauty of Kerala and the tropical wonderland of Andaman. But my personal recommendation is Chennai, a seaside city on the southeast coast of India, reaching out into the Indian Ocean. It’s well worth a visit and is amazingly affordable with a rich culture easily explored on foot.


Why it’s good for your wallet: India has long been lauded by holidaymakers the world over for how cheap it is. Of course, you can go overboard and live in 7-star hotels, and pay the price to match. But you’ll be able to rent your own private beach front home, eat out for every meal, and hire a taxi to ferry you around all day for less than almost any other destination on earth.


Book a holiday outside Europe this year and, whatever happens with Brexit, don’t worry about potential disruption. Choose one of my four locations and you’ll get the most out of your travel money.



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